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A modern person needs a break from the fast and exhausting pace of life. Full recovery of strength, thoughts, positive energy and mood should be a must item on your everyday to-do list.

Mõon application will help you relax, recover and feel the influx of new strength. Pleasant sounds of nature, enchanting music for sleep, relaxation and breathing, voice instructions for correct meditation, as well as a pleasant design of the application will give you inner harmony, a sense of calmness, balance and happiness.

Remember to visit the Mõon application at least a couple of times a week to fully recover.

  • Google AdMob interstitial
  • Weekly 3,99$ subscription
  • Premium sounds
  • Special gift category with four full guided meditations
  • Professional design 
  • Beautiful animations 
  • AppStore monetization
  • Easy to re-skin 
  • RevenueCat analytics